Sunday, January 25, 2009

Google that Shit

Epic of Gilgamesh, Psychology, Parapsychology, Archaeology, Song and Dance, Sound, Therapies, Ancient Scriptures, Rainforest Foods, Kombucha Tea, Peace , Love, Happiness, The 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 'double-otts', Indigenous Peoples, Cooperatives, Consumer Advocacy, Unified Field Theory, Magic Tricks, Noble Paths, Quintessence, Exotic Matter, Dark Matter, Toroids, Vortex Theory, Klein Bottles, Resonant Fields, Accelerated Learning, Holography, Astral Projection, Tao, Zen, Esoterica, Christ Consciousness, Mysticism, Naturopathy, Hypno-therapy, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Heirloom Seeds, Organic Gardening, Natural Agricultural Solutions, Sacred Geometry, Orgone, Tree of Life, Visionary Art, Famine Relief, Natural Sweeteners, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Metaphysics, Mysticism, Phi Ratio, Art, Golden Mean, Futurism, Negative Ions, Far-Infrared Rays, Vintage Sci-Fi, the Yellow Brick Road, Labyrinths, Kinestasis, Collage, Natural Hygiene, Archetypes, Ancestors, Platinum Group Ormes Elements, Hebrew Fire Letters, Deja-vu, Precognition, Coral Castle, Crop Circle Symbols, the Periodic Table, Atomic Theory, Crystal Skulls, Ica Stones, Ancient Artifacts, High-tech Bandages, Hatha Yoga, Edible Flowers, Shekinah, Sephiroth, Ark of the Covenant, Holy Grail, Black Rock City, Manna-Insect Exudate and honey dew, Cymatics, Biogenic Fields, Zeolites, Kirlian Photography, Harmonic, Convergence, Concordance, Eclipses, New Paradigm Medicine, Phase, Conjugation, The Lost Chord, Verissimilitude, Phylogenetic memory, Non-linear Dynamics, The Black Pearl, Ancient Gravitics, Top-down View, Cross-vectoring, Wave and Particle Duality, Unity in Diversity, Jyoti, Essenes, Diatonic Scales, Cluster and Factor Analysis, Pyramid, Geometry, Funhouses, Wax Museums, Magnets, Bamboo, Hormones, Pheromones, Exorcism, Sustainability, Foucault Pendulum, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Subsistence Culture, Wildcrafted Foods, Sustainability, Brainwaves, Heartwaves, Metaphor, Synchronicity, Egyptian Djedi, the Jedi, Costumery, Gypsies, Snow Globes, Music Boxes, Stripper Poles, Optics, Special Effects, Reverberating Chambers, Sweat Lodges, Teepees, Novelty, Behavior, Feathers, Wings, Embossing Inks, Glitter Glue Pens, Linen, Rough Silk, Prisms, Rainbows, Feng Shui, Constructive Interference, Over-lapping Transparencies, Mobius Coils, Exotic Dance, Mozart Effect , Pattern of Signature, Cetaceans, The Lone Whale, Golden Principle, Natural Law, Ethics, Management, Whirligigs, Twirling Sticks, Piezo-Electric Effect, the (Townsend) Brown/Biefeld Effect (Anti-Gravity Effect), Superconductivity, Schumann Resonance, Stereograms, Mah Jong, Dreamcatchers, Quartz Crystals, Multiple, Dimensions, Golden Rule, Speed-reading, Photoreading, Sprouted Breads, Manifestation Techniques, Dowsing, Mind Maps, Precession of the Earth, 26,000 Years From Galactic Center, Overtones, Bees, Bee Products, Metronomes, Spirograph, High Tea, Drum, Circles, Antiques, Primitives, Rustics, Rainsticks, Rattles, Sistrums, Space Cadets, Holistic Health, Scrapbooks, Cryptograms, Self-Sufficient Systems, Full-Spectum Lighting, Mayflies, Fireflies, Mineral Sources, Selective Uptake, Acid/Alkaline Balance, Chemical Sensitivity, Sensitive People, Empaths, Remote Viewers, Connected Breathing, Pranayama, Mind Over Matter, Food, Seed Storage, Detoxification, Pole, Shifts, Mars Colonization, 2012 Prophecy, Aliens, Area 51, Alien, Abductions, Time Shifts, the "Shift," New Hope, Dan, Burisch (google him), Mayan Calendar, Asteroid Deflection, Alternative, 3, 4, and 5, Peiadian Contact, Alex Collier, John Lear, Talmud of, Jmmanuel, Jesus in Islam, Sufism, Quran, Sufi Masters, Rumi Poetry, Sufi Dance, Islamic UFOlogy, Master's Gallery, Black Gold, Mantauk, Project, Lacerta Files, Ovnis, Majestic 12, Shadow Government, Cracking the Code, the Anti-Christ, William Cooper, Artificial Intelligence, Crop Circles, the Hollow Earth, the Expanding Earth Theory, Cloning, the Bible Code, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Spiritual Teachings, Akhenaton, Persia, America, Stargates, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Yasin, Karma, The Law of Time, Ptaah, Tall Whites, Alien Agenda, Dulce Top, Secret Base, Black Triangles, Alientology, Archangel Michael, Ashtar, Command, Rules of Contact, Walk-Ins, Orion Technology, The Rabbit Hole, Phil Schneider, Bird Flu, Count St. Germain, ET Civilizations, The Multiverse, Dimensionality, Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, The Heliopause, The Accutron Watch, Venus Transit, Coral, Castle, The Golden Spiral, Sacred Geometry, Priesthood of Egypt, Accretion of Planets, Gravity, Coriolis Force, The Carbon Cycle, Thermoclines, The Great Salt Conveyor Belt, Centrifigal Foce, the Foucalt Pendulum, Shadow Interference, The Penubra/Umbra, Particle or, Wave, The Nature of Time, The Atomic Clock, Time=Space, Doppler Shift, Wormholes, Gravity Wells, Gravity Waves, What the Bleep Do We Know, Grand Unified Field Theory, Einstein, Faraday, Maxwell, Bohr, Rutherford, Philo T. Farsnworth, Molecules and Atoms, Quarks, Neutrinos, Proton and Particle, Accelerators, Neutrino Detector, Global Consciousness Project, Random, Number Generators, E=MC2, Nuclear Fission, Roswell, Phillip J. Corso, Trinity Site, Hiroshima, Dead Souls, Death Portals, Soul Collectors, Dimensional Portals, Extraterrestrial Exposure Law, 70-80 Species of Aliens Visit Us Regularly, Prime Directive, the Dulce Wars, Underground Tunnels, Tunnel, Network, Electromagnetic Weapons, Reagan's Starwars, Deep Black vs. Black Budget vs. Grey Budget vs. Congress, Scalar Weapons, Space-Based Lasers, Particle Beams, MASERs (Microwave Amplifification through the Stimulation of Electromagnetic Stimulation), Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki, Immanuel Velikovski, Mass Extinctions, Cosmic Dumptrucks, B612 Foundation dot org, Corso and Time Travel, Space-Time, Time Lines, Parallel Grooves, Parallel Timelines, the Dropas, Space Time, Stress, Time Dilation, Divergent Timelines, The Philadelphia, Experiment, Montauk Project, Tesla's Egg (Egg of Columbus), Ghost, Ships, Poltergeists, Crop Circles, Crop Circle Time Markers, Roswell, Rods, Photon Teleportation, Quantum Entanglement, Moore's Law, Peak Oil, Hubbert's Curve, Abiotic Oil, Exxon and the Tsunami, Water Injection Wells, Pacific Tsunami Warning, Galactic Explosion, Cosmic Radiation, Earthquake, Faults, Magnetic Reversals, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Sinewaves, Maxwell, Tesla Patents, Wardencliff Tower, Tesla's Earthquake Machine, Mechanical Resonance, Tacoma Narrows, John Worrel Keely, Michael Faraday, T. Townsend Brown (and Paul Biefeld) Effect, The Anti-Gravity "Lifter", Area 51, S-4, The Sport, Model, Bob Lazar, STS-48, HAARP, Termination Shock, Geo-Engineering, Chemtrails, ChemFibers, Morgellens, Chinese Nematodes, HPV2, EBOLA, SARS, Hanta Virus, Sudden Accute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Visna, Virus, West Nile Virus, AIDS, Karposi's Sarcoma, Hepatitis B Vaccine, Prison Experiments, Green Monkey of Africa, the Strecker Memorandum, Swine Flu, Influenza, Avian Flu (Bird Flu Will Kill Us All), Chicken Slaughters, PETA, Mad Cow, Alzheimer's Disease, Downer Cows, Mad Deer Disease, Fort Detrick, Maryland, LSD Experiments, GMO Herbicide, Oakland Spraying, "Renue", Biowarfare, Malathion 50, Nazi Chemical Weapons, Sodium Fluoride, Timeline of Human Experimentation, Mind Control, Voice-to-Skull, Jose, Delgado's Bull Experiments, Ritalin, The Mind Controllers, Lockheed, Helendale, Cell Towers, Entrainment, CIA and Drugs, Mexican Shamans, Remote Viewing, Spiritualism, the Oracle, the Integratron, 9/11, The, Pentagon, Capital Vagina, Abrupt Climate Change Scenario, Lake Erie, Dead Whales, Rand Corporation, Aliens Creating AIDS, The Arrival, Not By Fire - But By Ice, Human Carrying Capacity, Project for a New, American Century, Alternative 3, Cabazon Indian Reservation, P.R.O.M.I.S. Software Scandal, Spyware, Danny Casolaro, The Octopus, B.C.C.I., Fractional Reserve Banking, the Federal Reserve Bank, the, Gold Standard, the National Debt, History of Assassinations, Jerry Falwell, JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan, Marconi Scientist Deaths, Microbiologist Deaths, Paul Wellstone, SoyTruth dot com, Canola Oil, GMO Foods, C HOPKINS Café and His CuZn Molle (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus (K)Potassium, Iodione, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Calcium, (Fe)Iron, , Copper, Zinc, etc), Dead Doctors Don't Lie, Hyperbaric Oxygen, The Rife Machine, Hulda Clark, Herbal Cleanses, Dr. Emoto, Dangers of Cosmetics, Anti-Bacterial Soap, Tesla and Local Power Companies, Tunguska and Tesla, Prosecutor's Resource Office Management Office System) PROMIS, PROMIS and HUD, PROMIS and the Banking System, PROMIS and Bin Laden, Tesla and Westinghouse, A Sovereign Planet?, Our Overlords, Game Wardens, Greys Help with Genetic Engineering, HAARP and Ground Penetrating Tomography, Trades with MI6 and CIA, Yakuza and Scalar from Russia, KGB and the CIA (Where's my In-The-Know 'Cush Job' Guys?), Greys want Mars - We Keep the Earth, Greys Came to Us (the Tenants), Landlords of the Planet, the World King, Geronimo's Skull, Microwaved Water, Microwaved Food Study, Blackwater Security, Wackenhut, Oxygen as a Poison, Cosmic Dump Trucks, John Lear (Soul Collector on the Moon), Dan Burisch, Serpo, Ozone, Therapy, Free Radical Damage, NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, Implant Technology, Mind Control Patents, David Koresh (CIA Safehouse), Kosovo, Soviet Georgia, War with the Soviets, Afghan Opium, the Taliban, Middle-East Drug Routes, Dangers of Coffee, Lone Gun Men (Premiere), Navy Sonar Killing Whales, Ascension, 11:11am, GMT - December 21, 2012 --->> Black Tuesday (911), Chemtrails, Communitarianism, The Book of Enoch, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Gnostics, Essenes, Nag Hammadi Library, Esoteric and Gnostic knowledge, Rex Deus, The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Philip, Qumran Scrolls, Dead Sea Scrolls, Book of Thoth, Sumerians, Annunaki, Eta Carinae, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Human Energy, Spiritual Existence, Spiritual Consciousness, Spiritual Evolvement, Evolution of the Soul, Power of Prayer, Power of Thought, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Texts, Cube in Nature, Earth Harmonics, Quantum Physics, Reincarnation, Nature of Light, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Hammurabi's Code, Free Will, Nicola Tesla, Voltaire, Socrates, Protagoras, John Locke, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, C. G. Jung, Vortex Generators, Cryptic Symbols, Symbolism, Ley Lines, Pyramids, Energy Grid, UFO's, Vibrational Medicine, Zero Point Energy, Free Energy, Pole Shift, Paradigm Shift, Weather Modification, Gregorian Calendar, 2012, Time Frequency, Egyptians, Law of Time, Ancient Civilizations, Mayans, Archeology, Healing Sounds of Music, HAARP, DARPA, Genectically Modified Foods (GMO), Survival Prepardness, Self Sufficiency, Biological & Chemical Warfare, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Monkey Virus (SV-40/Simian Virus 40), AIDS, Gulf War Illness, Government Scandals & Coverups, USA Bankrupt, Hidden Archeology, Secret Societies, Treason, Mind Control, Child Abuse, Nazi Doctines, Zionism, Khazars, MK-Ultra, Suppressed Inventions, Political Assassinations, Interconnected Bloodlines, Order of the Skulls & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Federal Reserve, IRS, Maritime Laws, Money Masters, The Vatican, Jesuits, Old USSR, CIA, Global Corporate Elite, New World Order, One World Government, One World Religion, One World Order, Lady Diana, John F. Kennedy, Illuminati, Project L.U.C.I.D., Bohemian Club, Cosmos Club, Grillion's Club, White's Club, Roxburghe Club, the "Other" Club, Skull & Bones (Yale), Scroll & Key (Yale), Porcellian Club (Harvard), Cap & Gown (Princeton), the Ivy Club (Princeton), The Apostles (Cambridge), Rhodes Scholars (Oxford), Privy Council, Garter Families, the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Ford Foundation, The Bilderbergs, International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), The Pilgrim Society, the United States Council for International Business, the Mont Pelerin Society, US-USSR Trade and Economic Council, the 1001 Club, European Round Table, the Association for the Monetary Union of Europe, Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue, EU-Japan Business Roundtable, Centre for European Reform, Friends of Europe, European Financial Services Round Table, The European Union (EU), the European Council, the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament, the European Court of Justice, the European Commission, World Wilderness Conferences, World Conservation Bank, Earth Charter Drafting Commission, World Federation of United Nations Associations, the American Association for the United Nations (AAUN), League of Nations Non-Partisan Association (LNA), United Nations Population Fund, Operations Research Office, Psychology Strategy Board, Operations Coordinating Board, Forty Committee, National Security Council (NSC), the KGB, British MI-6, Apollo Moon Landing, Committee of 300, Zion, Talmudic Zionism, Dissolution of the United States by 2016, David Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Otto von Habsburg, Rothschild, Paul Warburg, Benjamin Strong, Cecil Rhodes, The Round Table, Communists, Bill Clinton, Bush, Roosevelt, Moslem Brotherhood, Nuclear Bombs, Panic, Escapism, Homophobia, Wrath, Persistent Forlorn, Bitter Fatalism, Plan 2000, Georgia Guidestones, Mid East & World Oil, Rothchild Money Trust, Control of the Press, League of Nations, Global Government, UN, Nafta, NAU, North American Union, North American Intergration, SPP, NWO, WARS, Henry Ford, Paquite "Mady" de Schishmareff, The International Jew, Tri-Lateral Commission, Tavistock Project, LSD, Bolschevik, Toynbee Politics, Federal Reserve, Environmental Extremism, Radical Feminism, International Governance, International Law, Executive Orders, Martial Law, Police State, Big Brother, World Government, World Army, Forced Abortions, Forced Sterilizations, Forced Vaccinations, Jewish Industrialists, Hitler, Evolutionary Socialism, Pilgrims Society, Fabian Society, Cloning, Shamans, Druids, Hermetics, Kabbalists, Alchemists, Magicians, Witches, Sufis, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Order of the Garter, Knights Templar, Bilderberg, the British Invisibles, the European Round Table, the Group of thirty, the European Institute, the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue, the 1001 Club, the EU-Japan Business Dialogue, the Pacific Basin Economic Council, Le Cercle, the Multinational Chairman's Group, Atomic Bombs, Depleted Uranium, Pollution, Project Seek, Bohemian Grove, The Lucifer Project, Church Dogma, The Black Pope, Giants, Global Commerce, Fiat Money, Looting Panic, Hyperinflation, Microwave Ovens, Water, Enzymes, Cholesterol Hoax, Genectically Engineered Food, Calcium Deficiency, Sugar, Toxic Metals, Chelation Therapy, Diabetes, Migraines, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Autism, Forced Vaccines, Bird Flu, West Nile Virus, Dioxin, Mandatory Vaccines, CDC, WHO, Synthetic Chemicals, Teflon, FDA, Pesticides, Perchlorate, Aspertame, Nutrasweet, Monosodium Glutamate, MSG, Coloring Chemicals, Osteoporsis, Mercury, Flouride, Food Additives, Heavy Metals, Herbicides, Bioterrorism, Aramaic, The Roza Bal Mausoleum, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Nibiru, Atlantis, SoulMates, Mythology, Sumeria, Stone Circles, Crop Circles, Roswell, Alien Artifacts, NASA, Magnetism, Mars, Nostradamus, Jmmanuel, US Concetration Camps, Anti-gravity, Propulsion Systems, Pleiadians, Heart Chakra, Crystals, Auras, White Orbs, Professor Carroll Quigley, International Bankers, Military Industrial Complex, JFK, Cell Phones, Social Secuirty Cards, Moray, Reich, Russell, Weather Control, Russia & USA Weather Program Cooperations, Micro Electro-Insert Chips, Secret Bases, Human Guinea Pigs, Electro-Humane Experiments, Vehicle Arrestors, Narcotic Smugglers, Crop Circle Formations, Animal Mutilations, Air Space, Financial Collapse of the USA, Starvation, Genocide, Black Op Projects, Area 51, Advanced Symbiotic Technology, Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia, Communist Manifesto, CIA, FBI, Frequency, Jack Smith Cleveland Ohio, Winston Shrout, Negative Averment, Major General Smedley Butler, Commercial Crime, Citizen, Sovereignty. Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, Ancient Mysteries, The Golden Mean, The Golden Spiral, Sacred Geometry, Fractals of Nature

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