Monday, December 31, 2007

'The most conclusive evidence' Bhutto was shot"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Great Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Hoax Exposed

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ron Paul not invited to Bohemian Grove Christmas party

Satire: GOP primary candidate Ron Paul was not invited to yesterday's Bohemian Grove Christmas party because of his "poor attitude" regarding all things global, a member of the Bilderberg Group said today. Most of the other primary candidates from the Democrat and Republican parties attended the Monte Rio, California event.

"Ron Paul may be considered as a possible invitee to the Grove next year, should his poor attitude toward globalism improve," said Sir Archibald Wingate, Bilderberg's High Commissioner for Global Policy.

There was no word from the Ron Paul campaign on whether Paul's feelings were hurt. But things were rockin' at the Grove.

The Bilderbergers hired legendary rock band Led Zeppelin to perform on stage just in front of Molek the pagan god owl. The band was hired to perform as a sort of inside joke, because Vice President Dick Cheney is in fact building a lead zeppelin called the "Death Blimp." Molek appeared stoned as he looked down into the mosh pit where President Bush, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Condoleezza Rice and other political notables took turns body slamming and throwing each other around. At one point Dick Cheney, looking quite posh in his black-colored helmet, respirator and matching dark cloak, levitated several mosh pitters over twenty feet into the air before setting them down again.

A fun time was had by all until the metal stage that Led Zeppelin was performing on collapsed straight down later in the evening. No one was hurt and Giuliani quickly had the steel beams removed. The party then continued with Hillary Clinton performing her Top 40 hit, "The Hillary Clinton Cackle Song." The entire crowd cheered, cackled and clucked with her.

Later still when things quieted down a bit, Vice President Cheney read the story "My Sacrificial Goat" to everyone, which he first read on a children's television show on Christmas Eve. The event was broadcast throughout the American Empire. When Cheney finished, President Bush then read a story called "My Scapegoat" to the crowd. It is a story about nefarious characters living in undisclosed locations in the Middle East who need to be apprehended because they hate our Empire. The book is available for sale at leading bookstores and is currently priced at $9.11.

Some eyebrows were raised when President Bush and Hillary Clinton disappeared for quite some time. When they returned, both had messy hair and their clothing was wrinkled. Political experts don't feel that this will erupt into a scandal, as the American people have suspected that the Bushes and Clintons have been in bed together for quite some time now.

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Big Brother, Big Business

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I like Ron Paul (Bigg Butts)

Ron Paul New Years Revolution

Ron Paul Rising

Really X-clusive Grunge-indie-lectronic Blog

The Microphones, Ravi shankar, The Books, Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart, The Woods, Wilco, The Books, Big in Japan, Menomena, Cat-Power, El-p..And More..Awshitt

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George carlin on America

Friday, December 21, 2007

Impeach Cheney & Bush

Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Big Brother State

Trusted Computing

The Truth About Facebook

Rex84, Concentration Camps in the U.S.

There are over 6000 prison camps in the United States

Mind Control: America's Secret War

Ruby Ridge: The true power of state

CIA Mind Control Experiments

Why We Fight

The Century Of The Self: The Engineering of Consent

The War on Democracy

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and The Media

Peace, Propaganda, and The Promised Land

Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority

AIPAC - The Israel Lobby

The Tank Man

Invisible Children

Children of the Secret State

The U.S. vs John Lennon

We: Arundhati Roy

I Know That I'm Not Alone

Genetically Modified Foods - Panacea or Poison

War Is Sell

Doomsday Called Off

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

Slavery: A Global Investigation

War Made Easy

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism

Longevity & The Holy Grail

The Emissaries of Jahbulon

THE LIGHTBRINGERS: The Emissaries of Jahbulon (History of Freemasonry)

The Money Masters

The Knights of St. John

The (Official) history of the Knights of St. John, by Ray H. Marr's Shade Tree Studios

The Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Order of St. John, Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Knights of Malta, Knights of Rhodes, and Chevaliers of Malta) is a Christian organization that began as an Amalfitan hospital founded in Jerusalem in 1080 to provide care for poor and sick pilgrims to the Holy Land. After the Christian conquest of Jerusalem in 1099 during the First Crusade it became a religious/military order under its own charter, and was charged with the care and defense of the Holy Land. Following the loss of the Holy Land by Christian forces, the Order operated from Rhodes, over which it was sovereign, and later from Malta where it administered a vassal state under the Spanish viceroy of Sicily. From: wikipedia

Pt. 1: The Crusades

Pt. 2: Cyprus & Rhodes

Pt. 3: Defense of Rhodes

Pt. 4: Defense of Malta

Pt. 5: Loss of Malta

Pt. 6: Today's Knights

The Destruction of Atlantis

Michael Tsarion The Destruction of Atlantis

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Ron Paul Money Counter

Thursday, December 13, 2007

G Edward Griffin - Creature From Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of COCAINE

[Click Here For Article]

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Daaamn.. Good Job Ober

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dr. David M. Graham's story

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Disclosure Project

National press club
Washington DC - May 9 2001
And just for fun

JFK on Secrecy, Conspiracy and Freedom of the Press

Fool Me Twice

Exposing the Australian government's lies about the East Timor massacres, the cover-up of the Bali bombings and finally the subsequent anti-terror laws forced through parliament.

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What is the CFR?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Get Healthy

Clean Your Water & Take the FLOURIDE out, (That shit's making you dumb) google it
Also, get some Storable Food.. Real shit, not MRE crap
Shower Filter.. Dehydrator.. Chemical Free Soap.. Solar & more...

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David Ray Griffin on Global Governence

Cynthia Mckinney

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Education Revolution

David Icke E-book Collection

Part 1 - 34
A Brief History of the Martinist Order (masonic-rosicrucian order, major expose of its rituals and philosophy)
A Chronological History of the CFR - By Dennis Cuddy
Acquisition of National Security Space Programs (2003)
Adams - The Legalized Crime of Banking and a Constitutional Remedy (1958)
Anti-Defamation League - 9-11 Conspiracy Theories (2003)
Albert Pike - Morals and Dogma (1871)
Alex Constantine - The Florida-Hollywood Mob Connection, the CIA and O.J. Simpson (1995)
Alford - Gods of the New Millenium - The Shattering Truth of Human Origins (1996)
Alick Bartholomew - Hidden Nature - The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger (2003)
Alternate Futures for 2025 (1996)
Alternate Futures for 2020 (1994)
Analysis of Strategic Threats in the current Decade (Joel M. Skousen)
Analysis of Tragedy and Hope - Carroll Quigley
(German) Andreas von Bulow - Die CIA und der 11.September (eBook einspaltig, 2003)
Archer - The Plot to Seize the White House (actual attempt of fascist takeover of USA) (1973)
Armstrong - Rothschild Money Trust (1940)
Arthur R. Butz - The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (third, 2003 revised and expanded edition)
Aspartame - Ecologist (Sep 2005)
Astucia - Opium Lords - Israel, the Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination (2002)
AT&T’s Implementation of NSA Spying on American Citizens (2005)
Ayer - The Great North-Western Conspiracy in All Its Startling Details (1865)
Bamford - Body of Secrets - Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency (2002)
Banister - Investigating the Federal Income Tax (former IRS agent exposes the criminal income tax) (1999)
Barbara Kulaszka - 'Did Six Million Really Die' (1998)
Barnes - Pearl Harbor After a Quarter of a Century (1980)
Bearden - Final Secret of Free Energy (1993)
Bernays - Propaganda (how the media molds your mind) (1928)
Domhoff - Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats - A Study In Ruling-Class Cohesiveness (1974)
Huxley - Brave New World
Sutton - America's Secret Establishment - An Introduction to Skull and Bones (1983)
Sutton - Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (1974)
Sutton - Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (1976)
Exodus - Billions for the Bankers
[link to]

Part 2 - 23
Bjerknes - The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein (biggest expose of Albert Einstein, Zionism and his plagiarism Theory of relativity) (2006)
Boik - Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy - Promising Nontoxic Antitumor Agents from Plants & other Natural Sources (2001)
Taylor - Thanks for the Memories - The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave
Briody - The Iron Triangle - Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group (2003)
Brown - Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy (exposes the origins of religions worldwide) (1882)
Bryson - The Fluoride Deception (history of water flouridation and why it is bad for your health) (2004)
Brzezinski - The Geostrategic Triad - Living with China, Europe and Russia (2000)
Brzezinski - The Grand Chessboard - American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997)
Rumble - Catholics and Freemasonry
Day - Cancer - Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth (2000)
Mattogno & Graf - Treblinka - Extermination Camp or Transit Camp (2004)
Porter - Not Guilty at Nuremberg (1996)
Carr - Pawns in the Game (international conspiracy exposed) (1958)
Carr - Satan - Prince of This World (Luciferian conspiracy exposed) (1959)
Cathie - The Energy Grid - Harmonic 695 - The Pulse of the Universe (1997)
CFR Report - North American Task Force (2005)
CFR Report - America Still Unprepared (2002)
CFR Report - Building A North American Community (2005)
The New Profile Report On Child Recruitment in Israel (2004)
How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man (2005)

Coleman - Diplomacy by Deception - An Account of the Treasonous Conduct by the Governments of Britain and the United
States (1993)
Pabst - Concentration Camp Plans for U.S. Citizens
Tuckett - Conspiracy Theories (semi-serious) (2004)
[link to]

Part 3 - 22
Changing Images of Man - my gay mother (cultural transformation by the Elite) (1974, 1982)
Chomsky - Fateful Triangle - The United States, Israel and the Palestinians (1999)
Chomsky - Hegemony or Survival - America's Quest for Global Dominance (2003)
Chomsky - Pirates and Emperors, Old and New - International Terrorism in the Real World (2002)
Chomsky - Media Control - The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda (1991)
Clayton - Life after Doomsday - A Survivalist Guide to Nuclear War and other Major Disasters (1980)
Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hitman (2004)
Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse (#1 underground bestseller of all time) (1991)
Scamming America - The Official 9-11 Coverup Guide (2004)
Commercial Toolbox Release 1.0 - Negotiable Instruments - College Law (1951, pre-UCC)
Hotson - Infinite Energy Issue 43 - Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy (2002)
Hoggan - The Myth of the Six Million (1969)
Irving - Hitler's War and the War Path (1979)
Kay - The Big Lie, 9-11 and Government Complicity in Mass Murder (2005)
Pidcock - Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modern (1992)
Griffin - The New Pearl Harbor - Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9-11 (2004)
Sereda - Advanced Aerospace Propulsion (2005)
Murray - The Decline and Fall of the American Empire (2002)
Martin - Depopulation of a Planet - Thinning Out the Useless Eaters - An Unspoken NWO Agenda
Dillon - Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked - As the Secret Power Behind Communism (1965)
Sardi - Do You Really Have Hypertension (2004)
Coleman - The Conspirators' Hierarchy - The Committee of 300 (1991)
[link to]

Part 4 - 16
Cracking the Code 3 - (law, commerce, courts, UCC, matrix) (2002)
Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (1999)
Dope, Inc. - Britain's Opium War Against the U.S. (major expose of global drug trade) (1978)
Douglas - Gestapo-Chief - The CIA and Heinrich Müller (1998)
Douglas - Regicide - The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy (2002)
Douglas - The CIA Covenant - Nazis in Washington (Muller journals) (1999)
Downard, Hoffman - King-Kill 33 (1998)
Turi - Moon Power Starguide (2006)
Edward Griffin - The Chasm - Collectivism vs Individualism (2003)
Ellison - Hidden Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs (2006)
Shaw - Essays in Fabian Socialism (1891)
Eustace Mullins - The World Order (1st Edition, 1985)
Russbacher - An Expose of the Federal Reserve Banking System - The One World Monetary Cabal
King - Famous Freemasons
David F. - Feudalism aka American Capitalism
FINAL WARNING - A History of the New World Order (2004)
[link to]

Part 5 - 18
Dissecting the Holocaust - The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and 'Memory' (2003)
Heddesheimer - The First Holocaust - Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During And After World War One (2003)
(German) Dr. Christian Guthart - Der 11. September 2001 - Ein Untersuchungsbericht (2002)
Dr. Beck - The Beck Protocol - Take Back Your Power
Eisen - Suppressed Inventions & other Discoveries - True Stories of Suppression, Scientific Cover-Ups, Misinformation and
Brilliant Breakthroughs (2001)
Ellerbe - The Dark Side of Christian History (1995)
Farrell - Reich of the Black Sun - Nazi Secret Weapons & the Cold War Allied Legend (2004)
Foster - Toward Soviet America - The Book the Communists Tried to Destroy (American Communist Mein Kampf) (1961)
Fragments from the Masters - Rosicrucian 9th Degree Special Pamphlets
Franken - Lies - And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
Maine Masonic Text Book (1923)
Springmeier - Be Wise as Serpents - Christianity's Systematic Destruction (1991)
Fry - Waters Flowing Eastward - The War Against the Kingship of Christ (1988)
G S Lawrence - Dissipation of the Darkness - History of the Origin of Freemasonry
Ganser - NATO's Secret Armies - Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe (2005)
Gary Allen - None Dare Call it Conspiracy
Germar Rudolf - The Rudolf Report - Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz
Ghislaine Lanctôt - The Medical Mafia (2002)
[link to]

Part 6 - 14
Gale - Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence & Security Vol. 1x3 (2004)
Gale - Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence & Security Vol. 2x3 (2004)
Gale - Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence & Security Vol. 3x3 (2004)
Wal-Mart - Low Prices At What Cost (2005)
Greg Palast - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (2003)
The Satanic Rothschild Dynasty - Financial Wizzards and Wealthy Cults
Chossudovsky - America's War On Terrorism (2005)
25 Ways To Suppress Truth - The Rules of Disinformation - Michael Sweeney
Russ Kick - 50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know (2003)
Alex Jones - 9-11 - Descent Into Tyranny - The New World Order’s Dark Plans to Turn Earth Into a Prison Planet (2002)
(German) 9-11 - Forensische Beweise für die Sprengung der World Trade Center 1, 2 und 7 (2006)
MARF Report - The 9-11 World Trade Center Collapse Asbestos Risk Assessment - A Call for Action (2004)
George Orwell - 1984 (1949)
Eric Jon Phelps - Vatican Assassins (2004)
[link to]

Part 7 - 20
Glenn - No Beauty in the Beast - Israel Without her Mascara (Zionism exposed) (2005)
Goozner - The $800 Million Pill - The Truth Behind the Cost of New Drugs (2004)
Gordon-Canning - The Holy Land - Arab or Jew (1938)
Edward Griffin - Fearful Master - A Second Look at the United Nations (1964)
Heiser - The Facade (novel about the ancient aliens visitation hoax) (2001)
Helsing - Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century (1995)
Hendrickson - Cracking the Code - The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America (2003)
Herzl - The Jewish State (founder of Zionism) (1896)
HG Wells - The New World Order (1940)
History of Freemasonry by Albert Mackey - Part 1
Sardi - How To Find Your Way Out of the Hormone Trap
Sardi - How To Quell the Rising Rate of Autism (2001)
Hindly - How To Run Your Own Country
Hughes - The Secret Terrorists (secret Jesuit plot to take over USA) (2002)
Hunt - Secret Agenda - The United States Government, Nazi Scientists and Project Paperclip, 1945 to 1990 (1990)
Hyperspace Math - The Brandes Letters I
ING Bank - Attacking Iran (2007)
Inside Look at the Knights of Columbus plus Billy Graham segment - Life (May 1957)
Israeli Spy Ring (2004)
John Coleman - Diplomacy by Deception (scan) (1993)
[link to]

Part 8 - 22
Hyperspace Math - Geometrical Researches on Perceptics in the Geometry of Four Dimensions - George Brandes
John Taylor Gatto - AGAINST SCHOOL
John Taylor Gatto - Personal Solutions, Family Solutions
John Taylor Gatto - THE EXHAUSTED SCHOOL - How Did We Ever Come to Believe that the State Should Tell Our Children What to Think
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.1
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.2
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.3
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.4
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.5
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.6
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.7
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.8
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.9
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.prologue
John Taylor Gatto - underground history of american education 1 - 9.table of contents
John Taylor Gatto - What Really Matters
Jon Rappoport - The Secret Behind Secret Societies, Volume 3 - The Magician Awakes
Jon Rappoport - The Secret Behind Secret Societies, Volume 1 - Liberation of the Planet
Jon Rappoport - The Secret Behind Secret Societies, Volume 2 - Full Power
Jon Rappoport - AIDS Inc., Scandal of the Century (1988)
John Marks - The Search for the Manchurian Candidate - The CIA and Mind Control - The Story of the Agency's Secret
Efforts to Control Human Behavior (1978)
Jasper - Global Tyranny Step By Step - The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order (1992)
[link to]

Part 9
Nikola Tesla - Lectures, Patents, Articles (867 pages, 521MB)
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 10
Pandora's Box by Alex Christopher (c)1994
The Ultimate "Unseen Hand" Behind the New World Order (619 pages, 114MB)

[link to]

Part 11 - 15
803-page Collection of Papers on Anti-Gravity Research
Gartz - Magic Mushrooms Around the World - A Scientific Journey Across Cultures and Time
Jim Marrs - Rule by Secrecy - The Hidden History that Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great
JJ Luna - How to be Invisible
John Freeman - Suppressed & Incredible Inventions (1976)
Jürgen Graf - The Giant With Feet of Clay - Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the 'Holocaust' (1999)
Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno - Concentration Camp Majdanek - A Historical and Technical Study (1998)
Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno - Concentration Camp Stutthof and its Function in National Socialist Jewish Policy (1999)
Kardel - Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel - Israel in War - With Jews (1997)
Kennedy - Lucifer's Lodge - Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church (2004)
Kevin Mitnick - The Art of Intrusion
Kevin Mitnick - The Art of Deception
King - Quest for Zero Point Energy (2001)
Kozak - And Not a Shot is Fired - How Parliament Can Play a Revolutionary Part in the Transition to Socialism and the Role of the Popular
Masses (1955)
Kreig - The Final Reckoning - An Analysis of Demographics in Holocaust Literature (2006)
[link to]

Part 12 - 23
Lehmann - Behind the Dictators - A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism (1945)
Leonard G. Horowitz - Emerging Viruses - AIDS & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional (1996)
Lerner - The Big Bang Never Happened - A Startling Refutation of the Dominant Theory of the Origin of the Universe (1992)
Lina - Architects of Deception - Secret History of Freemasonry (2004)
Lina - Under the Sign of the Scorpion - Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire (2002)
Lina - The Fight Against Usury
Lipson - The End of Notice - Secrets and Liens in Commercial Finance Law (2004)
Lockhart - British Agent (real-life James Bond meets the Bolshevik revolution) (1933)
Lubicz - Symbol and the Symbolic - Ancient Egypt, Science, and the Evolution of Consciousness (1978)
Lyne - Occult Ether Physics - Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It (1997)
Lyne - Pentagon Aliens (1999)
MacDonald - The Culture of Critique - An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political
Movements (2002)
MacDonald - Understanding Jewish Influence - A Study in Ethnic Activism (2004)
MacEachern - Enough is Enough - The Hellraiser's Guide to Community Activism (1994)
Magnetic Energy - Free Energy
Boughton - Law of Negotiable Instruments (1904)
Malaparte - Coup d'etat - The Technique of Revolution (2004)
Manly P. Hall - The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1928)
Manning - Martin Bormann - Nazi in Exile (1981)
'Manufactured Shock' - How Teachers, NATO and the Mob Staged an al-Qaeda 9-11 (2006)
Texe Marrs - Codex Magica - Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati (2005)
(German) Mathias Bröckers - Fakten, Fälschungen und die unterdrückten Beweise des 9-11 (2003)
(German) Mathias Bröckers - Verschwörungen, Verschwörungstheorien und die Geheimnisse des 9-11 (2002)
[link to]

Part 13
Gale - Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity (Vol. 1-3) (2005)
(1417 pages, 119MB)
[link to]
[link to]

Part 14
Mackey - Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Vol. 1-2 (1873) (948 pages, 99MB)
[link to]

Part 15
Reece Committee Hearings - Tax-Exempt Foundations (1953) (2086 pages,143MB)
In the international field, foundations, and an interlock among some of them and certain intermediary organizations, have exercised a
strong effect upon our foreign policy and upon public education in things international. This has been accomplished by vast propaganda,
by supplying executives and advisers to government and by controlling much research in this area through the power of the purse. The
net result of these combined efforts has been to promote “internationalism” in a particular sense — a form directed toward “world
government” and a derogation of American “nationalism.’’
The CFR coterie has become “in essence an agency of the United States Government...” ...its “productions are not objective but are
directed overwhelmingly at promoting the globalist concept.” - Reece Committee
[link to]
[link to]

Part 16 - 44
(German) David Icke - Nagas - Schlangenwesen - Interview with David Icke (1999)
David Icke - A Concise Description of the Illuminati
David Icke - AIDS - The Great Con Trick
David Icke - Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center (Chap 1-7) (2002)
David Icke - Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center (Chap 8-9) (2002)
David Icke - An Other-Dimensional View of the American Catastrophe (2002)
David Icke - And the Truth Shall Set You Free, 21st Century Edition (2004)
David Icke - Are There Aliens Among Us (1999)
David Icke - Attack (2002)
David Icke - Bush Exposed - Blatant Lies (2002)
David Icke - Federal Reserve System Fraud
David Icke - I Am Me I Am Free - The Robots' Guide to Freedom (1996)
David Icke - Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion (2005)
David Icke - Innocents Attacked
David Icke - LUCID - 666 Human Control System
David Icke - Mapped Layout of the U.S. Media
David Icke - Masonic Occult Numerology
David Icke - Mind Control - Awareness - Wake Up America
David Icke - NASA Masonic Conspiracy - Apollo Missions
David Icke - Origins of Christianity - Religious Frauds Archive
David Icke - Problem - Reaction - Solution
David Icke - Reptilian Research
David Icke - Spiritual Answers to Global Conspiracies
David Icke - Tales from the Time Loop (2003)
David Icke - The Biggest Secret - The Book that Will Change the World (1998)
David Icke - The European Spider's Web
David Icke - The Hidden Codes in the Bible
David Icke - The Hidden Gears of Freemasonry
David Icke - The New Mark of the Beast! Part 1 of 5
David Icke - The New Mark of the Beast! Part 2 of 5
David Icke - The New Mark of the Beast! Part 3 of 5
David Icke - The New Mark of the Beast! Part 4 of 5
David Icke - The New Mark of the Beast! Part 5 of 5
David Icke - The Reptilian Connection
David Icke - The Robots' Rebellion - The Story of the Spiritual Renaissance (1994)
David Icke - The Rothschild Dynasty
David Icke - The Round Table - Bilderberg Network
David Icke - The Secret History of the USA
David Icke - The Truth is Negative - Since When
David Icke - The Windsor - Bush Bloodline
David Icke - Was Hitler a Rothschild
David Icke - Who Really Rules the World
Heckethorn - The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries Vol. 1 (1897)
Havelock - Preparing Knowledge Linking Change Agents in Education (manual for training educators in deception and manipulation in
schools and how to ID dissenters) (1971)
[link to]

Part 17 - 17
Heckethorn - The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries Vol. 2 (1897)
Max Brooks - The Zombie Survival Guide - Complete Protection from the Living Dead (2003)
Singer - The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. X (1905)
McCarty - The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (1924)
McManus - Changing Commands - The Betrayal of America's Military (1995)
Michael - Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs (Brookings Report) (1960)
Piper - High Priests of War - Secret History of How America's Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against
Iraq as the First Step in Their Drive for Global Empire
Piper - Best Witness - The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism
Ruppert - Crossing the Rubicon - The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil (2004)
Tsarion - Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation (2002)
Michael Aquino - From PSYOP to MindWar - The Psychology of Victory (1980)
Michael Aquino - Psychological Operations - The Ethical Dimension (1987)
Monteith - Brotherhood of Darkness
Morse - Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States (1835)
Mosley - My Life (autobiography of Oswald Mosley, the British Adolf Hitler) (1968)
Mullineux - Handbook of International Banking (2003)
New Order of Barbarians
[link to]

Part 18 - 24
Congressional Record - UNESCO - Communism's Trap for Our Youth (1962)
Handicapping Young Minds (French schools) (2002)
Huss-Carpozi - Red Spies in the UN (Russian and Chinese infiltration of the UN and US) (1965)
Skinner Curriculum - Wash. Post (disastrous experiment on minority children in D.C.) (1977)
Steele - World Affairs Council - Declaration of Interdependence (1976)
Waite - The Book of Ceremonial Magic - Including the Rites and Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy, Sorcery and Infernal Necromancy (1911)
Hoge - The School of Tomorrow - Womb to Tomb (documentation of government plan to further control, track and monitor
Americans) (1995)
Meier - Anderson's Manual for Notaries Public - A Complete Guide for Notaries Public and Commissioners of Deeds with Forms, Charts and
Instructions (1940)
Niccolò Machiavelli - The Prince (1513)
Chomsky - America's War on Terror (2001)
Chomsky - Anarchism, Marxism & Hope for the Future (1995)
Chomsky - Class Warfare (1996)
Chomsky - Philosophers and Public Philosophy (1968)
Chomsky - Preventive War, 'the Supreme Crime' (2003)
(German) Chomsky - Profit over People - Neoliberalismus und Globale Weltordnung
Chomsky - Secrets, Lies and Democracy (1994)
(German) Chomsky - War Against People - Menschenrechte und Schurkenstaaten (2001)
Chomsky - What Uncle Sam Really Wants
Chomsky - Who are the Global Terrorists (2002.05.19)
Chomsky - Year 501 - The Conquest Continues (1993)
Chomsky - Afghanistan
O'Brien-Phillips - TRANCE-Formation of America (MK-ULTRA mind control victim speaks out) (1995)
O'Hara - Turning up the Heat - MI5 after the Cold War (state-sponsored terrorism) (1994)
Rassinier - The Real Eichmann Trial or the Incorrigible Victors (1976)
[link to]

Part 19 - 20
Blumenfeld - The First Full-Length Expose of the National Education Association - Trojan Horse in American Education
Counts - Dare the School Build a New Social Order (American educator and supporter of Soviet education) (1932)
Cornforth - Beating Up On Debt Collectors v4.0
Cooper - The Secret Government
Cooper - Secret Societies - New World Order
Watson - Order Out of Chaos - Elite Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order (2003)
Wallis - The Subversion of Australian Education (subversion of all education systems worldwide by UNESCO) (1977)
US Army Procurement Agency of Europe (proposition to alter the behavior of soldiers using military-specific values clarification training
workshops) (1979)
Scanlon-Matthews - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (references on regional and world federation) - The New
World Order (1940)
Sardi - Not Milk!
Robert Anton Wilson & Robert Shea - The Illuminatus! Trilogy (1975)
Rippengale - Help! Stop the War (on drugs, why is hemp banned) (1993)
RFID for Dummies (2005)
Radziwill - Firebrand of Bolshevism - True Story of the Bolsheviki and the Forces that Directed Them (1919)
Quigley - The Evolution of Civilizations - An Introduction to Historical Analysis (1979)
Naudon - The Secret History of Freemasonry - Its Origins and Connection to the Knights Templar (2005)
L. Fletcher Prouty - The Guns of Dallas (JFK cover-up) (1975)
Irwin Schiff - The Federal Mafia - Illegal Income Tax
(German) Glagau - Der Babylonische Talmud (4. rev. Aufl)
(German) Eggert - Israels Geheimvatikan Bd. 1 (2001)
[link to]

Part 20
World Trade Center Blueprints (558MB)
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[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
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[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 21 - 16
(German) Griffin - Wer regiert die Welt - Protokolle der Weltdiktatur - Satans neues Testament (1992)
(German) Leavitt - Die Illuminaten (1998)
Bamford - The Next War with Iran
Bearden - AIDS - Biological Warfare (1988)
Bearden - Energy from the Vacuum - Concepts and Principles (2002)
Bjerknes - The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians (2006)
Center for the Study of Intelligence - Central Intelligence Agency - Psychology of Intelligence Analysis (1999)
Coleman - One World Order - Socialist Dictatorship (1998)
Graham-Luke - Militarizing the Body Politic - New Mediations as Weapons of Mass Instruction
Heaton - The Impossible Dream (Soviet system of management in the US) (1990)
Hidden Mysteries - Suppressed Books Catalog (with pictures, titles, and summaries) (2005)
Manly P. Hall - Lectures on Ancient Philosophy - Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins (CH. 19) (1929)
Manly P. Hall - Symbolism
Manly P. Hall - The Lost Keys of Freemasonry or the Secret of Hiram Abiff (1976)
Masonic Terrorism in Early America - The 911 Masonic Capture & Subsequent Terrorist Murder of Capt. William Morgan in
the Year 1826 (2002)
Rumble - Catholics and Freemasonry (1952)
[link to]

Part 22 - 28
Bearden - Excalibur Briefing - Explaining Paranormal Phenomena (1978-1988)
Bearden - Fer de Lance - Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons (1986-2002)
Daniel Ryder - Satanic Ritual Abuse - The Evidence Surfaces
Eustace Mullins - Secrets of the Federal Reserve - The London Connection (1983)
Hubbard - Soviet Art of Brainwashing - A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics (1955)
John Daniel - Scarlet and the Beast - A History of the War Between English and French Freemasonry (1995)
Jon Hurst - Satanism and Ritual Abuse Case Archive
Robert Lawlor - Sacred Geometry - Philosophy and Practice (1982)
Rodney Stich - Blowback, 9-11, and Cover-Ups (2005)
Sardi - SARS - Its Origins, Genetics, Politics and Potential Cures (2003)
Schroder-Schechter - War, Central Planning and Corporations - The Corporate State (1997)
Schwarz - You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists) (1960)
Shechter - Weapons of Mass Deception (2003)
Sitchin - Genesis Revisited - Is Modern Science Catching up with Ancient Knowledge (1990)
Sitchin - The 12th Planet (1999)
Sitchin - The Cosmic Code (6th Book of Earth Chronicles) (1998)
Sitchin - The Lost Realms (4th Book of Earth Chronicles) (1990)
Sitchin - The Stairway to Heaven (2nd Book of Earth Chronicles) (1992)
Sitchin - The Wars of Gods and Men (3rd Book of Earth Chronicles) (2002)

Smoking Gun Proof - Illuminati Planned to Bring Down Our Culture 1 of 5
Smoking Gun Proof - Illuminati Planned to Bring Down Our Culture 2 of 5
Smoking Gun Proof - Illuminati Planned to Bring Down Our Culture 3 of 5
Smoking Gun Proof - Illuminati Planned to Bring Down Our Culture 4 of 5
Smoking Gun Proof - Illuminati Planned to Bring Down Our Culture 5 of 5
Story - The European Union Collective - Enemy of its Member States - A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete
Lenin's World Revolution (2002)
Tarpley - 9-11 Synthetic Terrorism - Made in USA (2004)
The Pope's Commandos - The Jesuits - Saturday Evening Post - January 17, 1959
Yahya - Satan - The Sworn Enemy of Mankind (2004)
[link to]

Part 23
Bullinger - The Companion Bible (recommended by Jordan Maxwell) (2150 pages,
[link to]
[link to]

Part 24
Seymour - The Intimate Papers of Colonel House Vol. 1-4 (President Wilson’s
history in the making) 1912-1919 (2170 pages, 113MB)
[link to]

Smaller version, enhanced by niman:
[link to]
Part 25
MKULTRA - CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification 1 of 4 (April 13,
1953-) (3581 documents, 13492 total files, 246MB)

[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 26
MKULTRA - CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification 2 of 4 (April 13,
1953-) (4706 documents, 13467 total files, 303MB)
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 27
MKULTRA - CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification 3 of 4 (April 13,
1953-) (4249 documents, 5207 total files, 347MB)
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 28
MKULTRA - CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification 4 of 4 (April 13,
1953-) (4612 documents, 5382 total files, 363MB)
[link to]
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[link to]
[link to]

Part 29
Eustace Mullins - Radio 2003-2006 - The New World Order, Federal Reserve,
Medical Mafia, etc. (28 hours, 219MB)
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 30
Springmeier-Wheeler - Radio - The Illuminati & Mind Control (1997) (7 hours,
[link to]
[link to]

Part 31
George Gordon - Radio - Fluoride Fantasies - Rat Poison (2006) (7 hours, 96MB)
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Part 32
Fritz Springmeier - Audio - Undetectable Mind Control (1997) (1 hour, 53MB)
[link to]

Part 33
Fritz Springmeier - Audio - World System and the Illuminati (1996) (4 hours,
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 34
Gould - History of Freemasonry Throughout the World Vol. 1-6 (1936) (5884
pages, 139MB)
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
Part 35 - 18
(German) Des Griffin - Die Illuminaten
(German) Jan van Helsing - Geheim Gesellschaften (Buch 1+2)
(German) Jan van Helsing - Interview über seine Bücher und die Zukunft (19.12.2003)
(German) Johannes Rothkranz - Die kommende Diktatur der Humanität oder Die Herrschaft des Antichristen (1993)
Alfred Korzybski - Manhood of Humanity - The Science and Art of Human Engineering (1921)
Bearden - Slides - Defense Department Briefing on Priore Treatment to Counter Biological Warfare
Blase - The Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order (1995)
Brooke - When the World Will be as One - The Coming New World Order (1989)
DeMar - Ruler of the Nations - Biblical Principles for Government (1987)
Dennis - The Coming American Fascism - The Crisis of Capitalism (1936)
Denny - We Fight for Oil (1928)
Denny - America Conquers Britain - A Record of Economic War (1930)
Education for Parenthood (use of values clarification techniques often resulting in the destruction of traditional value
systems) (1977)
Emery - Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved the American People (1887)
Eustace Mullins - Five Men Rule the World
Jeffrey Smith - Seeds of Deception - Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're
Eating (2003)
SAFE Learning Systems - Education for Results (Pavlovian-Skinnerian behaviorist training for students) (1983)
Wayne Sutton - The Dark Side of Manipulation and Mind Control (2003)
[link to]

Part 36 - 17
Bearden - Oblivion - America at the Brink (2005)
Bearden - Slides - Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons (1999)
Depopulation - The Georgia Guidestones
Don Bell Reports (the promotion of socialism in the United States) (1972-1993)
Failing Grades (promotion of workforce training and exchanges with Russia) (1996)
HG Wells - The Open Conspiracy (1928)
HG Wells - The Shape of Things to Come (1933)
Robert Tyler - The Establishment (2002)
Sardi - The Collapse of Conventional Medicine (2002)
Springmeier - The Watchtower & the Masons - A Preliminary Investigation (dark side of Jehovah's Witnesses) (1990)
Stone - UFOs are Real - Extraterrestrial Encounters Documented by the US Government (1997)
Stormer - None Dare Call It Education (how schools dumb us down) (1999)
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Sutton - The Best Enemy Money Can Buy (1986)
Sutton - Trilaterals over America (biggest expose of the Trilateral Commission yet) (1995)
Sutton - Wall Street and FDR (1975)
Thomas - Antigravity - The Dream Made Reality - The Story of John R. R. Searl (1993)
Turchenko - The Scientific and Technological Revolution and the Revolution in Education (study of Soviet education, proof
of US parallels) (1976)
[link to]

Part 37 - 15
(German) Duncan Campbell - Inside Echelon (2000)
(German) Engelmann - Schwarzbuch Helmut Kohl oder wie man einen Staat ruiniert (1998)
Bearden - Articles - Vacuum Engines and Priore's Methodology - The True Science of Energy-Medicine (1995)
Bearden - Quiton - Perceptron Physics (1973)
Bearden - Tech papers - Novel Principles in the Rife Microscope (Updated 10-12-03)
Bearden - Tech papers - On the Principles of Permissible Overunity EM Power Systems (2001)
Blumenfeld - Is Public Education Necessary (1981)
Bramley - The Gods of Eden - The Chilling Truth about Extraterrestrial Infiltration and the Conspiracy to Keep Humankind in Chains (1993)
Cantwell - AIDS - The Mystery and the Solution - The New Epidemic of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (1986)
Cantwell - Queer Blood - The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot (gay holocaust exposed) (1993)
Congressional Digest - August-September 1951 - Conscription - National Service
Congressional Digest - June-July 1951 - Basic Principles of USA Restated to a Troubled Nation
Congressional Digest - May 1951 - Propaganda Activities of Big Government
Cook - Big Brother NSA and its Little Brothers - National Security Agency's Global Surveillance Network (1998)
Duke University - The Compact for Education (prelude to the unconstitutional ECS) (1965)
[link to]

Part 38
Jon Rappoport - Radio 1999-2005 - The Secret Behind Secret Societies (4.5 hours,
[link to]
[link to]

Part 39
Jon Rappoport - Audio 1992-1995 - AIDS, Inc.: Scandal of the Century, FDA
Healthcare Freedom, Oklahoma City Bombing, The Murder of America (9.5 hours,

[link to]
[link to]

Part 40
Doc Marquis - Audio - The Illuminati (1999) (4.5 hours, 247MB)
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 41
Leo Zagami - Radio 2006-2007 - The Illuminati (27 hours, 260MB)
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Part 42
Dr. Ann Blake Tracy - Audio-Radio 2003-2006 - The Shocking Truth About SSRI
Medication (2 hours, 49MB)
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[link to]

Part 43
Dr. Fred Bell with Dr. Bill Deagle - Radio - Classified Projects Exposed! (2006)
(4.5 hours, 62MB)
[link to]

Part 44
Anatoly T. Fomenko - History: Fiction or Science? Chronology 1 (2003) (625
pages, 150MB)
[link to]
[link to]

Part 45
Anatoly T. Fomenko - History: Fiction or Science? Chronology 2 (2005) (561
pages, 123MB)
[link to]
[link to]

Part 46 - 65
78 Jesuits Go Out to the Desert to Pray - National Catholic Reporter Dec 13, 1996
A Catholic Crackdown - The Christian Century Dec 1971
America 2006 - Ignatius' Special 'Way of Proceeding'
America April 29, 1967 - Jesuits Deny their Wealth
An Open Letter to Father Joe O'Rourke - Commonweal Oct 18, 1974
Another Jesuit is Blocked by the Vatican - Nation 1997
Bento de Goes' Search for Cathay (Jesuits)
Black Pope - Newsweek Oct 9, 1939
Black Pope - Time Sept 30, 1946
Book Reviews + BF Skinner Ad - Library Journal Aug 1976
Corbusier's Cloister - Horizon 1961
Dublin Jesuits Create Internet Prayer Space - National Catholic Reporter April 28, 2000
Faase - Review of Religious Research - International Differences in Value Ranking and Religious Style among Jesuits Sept
Freller - Knights of Malta 1998
God's Soldiers (History of the Jesuits Book Review) - Library Journal April 15, 2004
Greed Unchecked - Long Island Business News June 2005
Helping to Revive the Church (Martin Luther Reformation etc)
Hitler and the Jesuits - Commonweal Oct 22, 2004
In Dublin's Fair City, the Jesuits - The Christian Century Sept 15, 1971
Intrepid Men of the Maltese Cross - Coronet Sept 1957
Jesuit Astronomer - National Catholic Reporter Sept 1, 2006
Jesuit Editor Forced to Resign by the Vatican - National Catholic Reporter May 20, 2005
Jesuit High Schools Aim for Heaven with fewer Jesuits - National Catholic Reporter March 30, 2001
Jesuit History - A Hot New Topic - America May 9, 2005
Jesuit Moneylenders - Forbes 1994
Jesuit Reese - Back to Woodstock - National Catholic Reporter April 14, 2006
Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters - American Historical Review Feb 2004
Jesuit Science Fiction Novel - National Catholic Reporter May 22, 1998
Jesuits and Dominicans Square Off Anew over Savonarola - National Catholic Reporter Jan 22, 1999
Jesuits Knock Unfettered Capitalism 1999
Knights of Columbus + Vincent DePaul note - NH Business Review May 11, 2006
Knights of Malta - National Catholic Reporter Nov 14, 1997
Knights of Malta Membership - Saturday Evening Post
Knights of Malta Weather Control - Leading Edge May 1994
Malachi Martin - National Review Aug 5, 1977
Matteo Ricci in China (Jesuits)
Pope Urges Jesuits to be 'Extra Vigilant' about Church Teaching - National Catholic Reporter Jan 20, 1995
Pope's Commandos (responses)
Prussian State and Catholic Church in Westphalia during the 1850s
See no evil, Say no evil - National Catholic Reporter Oct 14, 1983
Signs of the Times 2-20-06 - Jesuit General Prepares for Resignation
The Akhenaton of Astronomy - Knights of Malta Member - Mercury 2005
The Black Pope - Saturday Evening Post
The CID of History (Knights) Sept 1987
The Inner Forum - Commonweal April 11, 1947
The Jesuit Contribution to Science and Technical Education in Late-Nineteenth-Century Liverpool - Annals of Science 1986
The Jesuit Mind - The Mentality of an Elite
The Jesuits - New York Times Feb 14, 1982
The Jesuits and the Arts Book Review - Commonweal July 14, 2006
The Jesuits Indicted - Nation Jan 18, 1928
The Knights of Malta and the King of France - French Historical Studies 1964
The Mysterious Death of Father Carney (Honduras) - The Nation Aug 1984
The Pope and the Jesuits - America Feb 9, 1980
The Pope's Commandos - Saturday Evening Post (scan) Jan 17, 1959
The Pope's Commandos - The Saturday Evening Post Jan 17, 1959
The Power and Secret of the Jesuits - Fortnightly Library Sept 1930
The Priest who Haunts the Catholic World - Saturday Evening Post
The Prime Minister of Paradise - Saturday Evening Post
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola (1535)
The Vatican's Quarrel with Roger Haight - The Christian Century May 3, 2005
Two Noted Jesuit Parishes Under Scrutiny - National Catholic Reporter Dec 5, 1997
Tycho Brahe in China - The Jesuit Mission to Peking - Annals of Science 1984
Uphill Running - A Jesuit Life - America Jan 2005
Watergate Sleuth Raps Culture of Greed - Long Island Business News June 2005
Who Are the Knights of Malta - National Catholic Reporter Oct 14, 1983
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Brotherhood of Darkness

Dr. Stanley Monteith. It is impossible to understand the unfolding of world events without the information contained in this video. What ... all » was the origin of the Council on Foreign Relations, and what is its relationship to Freemasonry, Theosophy, Socialism and Communism? This video is felt by many researchers to be the best single source of information on the movements working to create a New World Order. No researcher, or seeker for the truth should be without a copy of this highly acclaimed presentation.

The Creation of the Global Union

Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.
This video reveals the plans of the international bankers to dominate the entire world both economically and politically. This charge is validated by video clips from C-SPAN, showing David Rockefeller, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright & Warren Christopher describing what they have in mind for the U.S. and the rest of the world, as well.

Texxe Marrs - Illuminati Mystery Babylon

The Illuminati leaders of Mystery Babylon have put their stooges in the highest offices. Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, is one of them. So is Russian President Vladimir Putin, France's President Jacque Chiraq, and Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In a tremendous new video/DVD exposé, Texe Marrs unmasks this Luciferian sect that has used its cunning, treachery, and massive wealth to such unbelievable advantage. Virtually every major nation on earth has by now fallen into its hands.

The awful, staggering truth must get out. We are no longer a free people. Illuminati Mystery Babylon is reaching the zenith of its power, and our very lives are now at risk.

David Icke* Movie Drop

Freedom or Fascism

Revelations of a Mother goddess

[685MB 02:55:32]
MEGAUPLOAD links [part1] [340MB] [part2] [335MB]

Freedom Road
[part1] [514MB 1:55:02]
[part2] [757MB 1:41:53]
[part3] [330MB 1:08:18]

Secrets of the Matrix

[part1] [331MB 2:11:57]
[part2] [380MB 2:31:53]
[part3] [330MB 2:07:13]

The Reptilian Agenda- Interview with Credo Mutwa- Shamen of the African Zulu tribe

[part1] [381MB 03:33:54]
[part2] [294MB 02:58:45]

MEGAUPLOAD links [part1] [381MB 03:33:54] [part2] [294MB 02:58:45]