Saturday, November 17, 2007

Illuminati I & II

Illuminati I

Illuminati II
Part 1

part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Illumaniti Volume 1

The Illuminati Vol2- The Antichrist Conspiracy

"Every Christian, Every Muslim, Every Catholic, Every Jew, Especially Every Jew Must See This Film"

Illuminati Volume 2


Anonymous said...


I like the way you stressed 'Jew'

I like it that you mentioned muslims

These are the pillars of the conspiracy

I'm just saying bullshit.
hehe. Ignore what I said

Anonymous said...

parts 1+2 of disc 2 have been removed..

Anonymous said...

While talking about brainwashing and mind control they showed an old newsreel depicting soviet children singing: "We are proud of our sunny country, proud of our cities and fields, proud of our motherland." The English translation was next : I have no thought except I love Lenin, Lenin is our super man. We are his little potatoes (roflmao), Lenin is our sun, our leader, our life. Without him our minds are empty"
How can you take seriously the rest of the film after this?

Skrizz E Bizz said...