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O'Reilly offers Rove place to hide from subpoena

Global Shifts 2008- 2012

Healing Fountain Food Nutrition DNA GMO

2012 Transcending 2012 Mass 2012 Consciousness

Michael Ignatieff Questioned About 9/11 & Gaza

Michael Ignatieff is the leader of Canada's Liberal Party, he replaced Stephane Dion. Members of We Are CHANGE Vancouver & Vancouver 9/11 Truth ask him questions that his room full of minions won'.

McDonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger Video

As we in America enjoy our McDonald's cheeseburgers, in Haiti...

DEC Aid Appeal For Gaza - (Refused to be shown on BBC and SKY)

PBS: NSA could have prevented 9/11 hijackings

Jordan Maxwell on Alex Jones Tv: Apathy, American style!

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Infowars Webmaster Kurt Nimmo:In"Studio"on Alex Jones Tv

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Alex Jones Tv: New Legislation "H.R.645"Authorizes FEMA Camps In U.S.

Charles Slepian on Alex Jones Tv "What is Terrorism?

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Alex Jones Audio Blog: January 27, 2009 on Vaccine & Other Govt Propaganda

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Gerald Celente on Alex Jones Tv: Congress"A House of ill Repute"

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Alex Jones Audio Blog: January 25, 2009 "The on-Going Globalist Agenda"

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Alex Jones on 590 KLBJ AM "Just Charge it on The Obama MasterCard!!"

January 25, 2009
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Former President Jimmy Carter Supports Call For New 9/11 Investigation

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smoking Banned In Homes - California Adopts Hitler’s Policy

Officer Jack Boot Rants About FEMA Camps

Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill (trailer) 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury

The Washington Post
January 27, 2009

Almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury, which was also found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the first- or second-highest labeled ingredient, according to two new U.S. studies.
HFCS has replaced sugar as the sweetener in many beverages and foods such as breads, cereals, breakfast bars, lunch meats, yogurts, soups and condiments. On average, Americans consume about 12 teaspoons per day of HFCS, but teens and other high consumers can take in 80 percent more HFCS than average.

"Mercury is toxic in all its forms. Given how much high-fructose corn syrup is consumed by children, it could be a significant additional source of mercury never before considered. We are calling for immediate changes by industry and the [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] to help stop this avoidable mercury contamination of the food supply," said the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy's Dr. David Wallinga, a co-author of both studies.

In the first study, researchers found detectable levels of mercury in nine of 20 samples of commercial HFCS. The study was published in current issue of Environmental Health.

In the second study, the agriculture group found that nearly one in three of 55 brand-name foods contained mercury. The chemical was most common in HFCS-containing dairy products, dressings and condiments.

The use of mercury-contaminated caustic soda in the production of HFCS is common. The contamination occurs when mercury cells are used to produce caustic soda.

"The bad news is that nobody knows whether or not their soda or snack food contains HFCS made from ingredients like caustic soda contaminated with mercury. The good news is that mercury-free HFCS ingredients exist. Food companies just need a good push to only use those ingredients," Wallinga said.

The U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry has more about mercury and health.

SOURCE: Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, news release, Jan. 26, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Police Brutality: Can't We Get Along?

20/20 Stupid in America

Skateboarding in Afghanistan Provides a Diversion From Desolation

Oscar Grant punched in the face before being shot

Behind the Mask


Lock Picking DVD's



McLibel - It's about Activism (2005)

Full Movie:

This is a fascinating tale of two British activists who took on McDonald's in court for over two years, the final verdict was so devastating as it charge McDonald's guilty of many things such as animal cruelty, exploiting children and of course McJobs. This took place not too long ago (1997) Funny how it barely made the American Media. This is a must watch, especially if you dine on McDonald's.

Truth or Dairy (2005)

who, what, where, when, how and why vegan

Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers (2003)


SURPLUS is an intense visual odyssey filmed for over three years in eight
different countries. From the explosive riot days in Genoa 2001 to $7000
sex dolls in the US, SURPLUS explores the destructive nature of consumer
culture. Stunning editing and breathtaking cinematography turns the notion
that 20% of the world is gobbling up 80% of its resources from pure
statistics into an overwhelming emotional experience.

Taking Liberties (2007)

TAKING LIBERTIES is a shocking but hilarious polemic documentary that charts the destruction of all your Basic Liberties under 10 Years of New Labour. Released to coincide with Tony Blair's departure, the film and the book follow the stories of normal people who's lives have been turned upside down by injustice - from being arrested for holding a placard outside parliament to being tortured in Guantanamo Bay.


Animal Rights

One Rat Short (2006) [Complete]

Alliance Weather Underground (2002)

In the 70s a group called the Alliance Weather Underground was formed from a student protest group. They fought against the USA government when authorities were arresting dope smokers and giving them over 10 years in jail for possession of a single joint.

A place called Chiapas (1998)

"The Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico,
is not a political revolution,
but a human revolution;
not revolution for power,
but revolution of power;
not revolution of party,
but revolution of humanity;
not revolution of exclusion,
but revolution of inclusion;
not revolution of arms,
but revolution of spirit.
íViva Zapatista!
íYa Basta!"

--EZLN statement

Black Gold (2006)


Password: docs

Coca Cola Corruption and Nazi Sponsorship

The Chicago Conspiracy - Trailer

The Chicago Conspiracy Trailer (English Version) from Subversive Action Films on Vimeo.

Soylent Green

In the year 2022, overpopulation and the greenhouse effect have made life extremely difficult for the majority of people. The population of New York City is 40 million and the constant heat is unbearable. The city's infrastructure has broken down. Water is rationed and fresh food is virtually non-existent. Rather, most of the population live on soylent green, made from ocean vegetation and formed into tasteless green wafers. In this environment Detective Robert Thorn is assigned to investigate the death of William Simonson who was ultra-rich and didn't suffer any of life's hardships. He was killed with a blow to the head and it was all made to look like an interrupted break-in but Thorn is convinced early on that it was an assassination. Thorn learns that Simonson was a member of the Board of the Soylent Corporation but had recently become sad and morose. What, Thorn wonders would make such a rich man unhappy.

Full Movie:


Society of the Spectacle (1973)

Guy Debord's revolutionary 90 minute film took a year to make and incorporates footage from many famous films, Soviet and Polish films, industrial films, American Westerns, soft-core porn films, news footage, advertisements, and many still photographs. Events such as the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald (who assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963), the revolutions in Spain in 1936, Hungary in 1956 and in Paris in 1968, and people such as Mao Tse Tung, Richard Nixon, and the Spanish Anarchist Durruti are represented. Throughout the movie, there is both a voiceover (of Debord) and inter-titles from "Society of the Spectacle" but also texts from the Committee of Occupation of the Sorbonne, Machiavelli, Marx, Tocqueville, Emile Pouget, and Soloviev. The innovative use of subtitles and intertitles is part of Debord´s goal to problematize reception and force the viewer to be active. The spectacle, as Debord reminds us, "is not a collection of images, but a relationship among people mediated by images."


This documentary reveals Canada's darkest secret - the deliberate extermination of indigenous (Native American) peoples and the theft of their land under the guise of religion. This never before told history as seen through the eyes of this former minister (Kevin Annett) who blew the whistle on his own church, after he learned of thousands of murders in its Indian Residential Schools.


This Revolution (2005)


Watch This Revolution - Trailer in Entertainment Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Jake Cassevetes is a world renowned shooter just back from being embedded during the U.S. invasion of Iraq. As a well-paid stringer for the networks, Jake does not buy into the currently vogue, left-wing conspiracy theory of a corporate-controlled press. But, after discovering much of his best footage in Iraq was censored by the network, Jake is growing disillusioned with his corporate masters. When he gets an assignment to shoot on the streets of the Republican National Convention protests, he meets Seven, one of the young leaders of the masked anarchist Black Bloc. Jake quickly wins the trust of the group and is allowed to shadow them as they move through the demo. Later that night, after shooting Seven with her mask down describing the Bloc's militant objectives, the videotape is mistakenly returned to the network with the rest of his footage. When he goes to retrieve the tape, he is told the network made a deal with Homeland Security to review all footage to look for potential terror suspects. Realizing the danger he has brought to Seven and the Black Bloc itself, Jake decides to use his skills and access at the network to jam the government controlled corporate media and broadcast the truth of the protests and the message of a new generation of activists.


The Tobacco Conspiracy (2007)

This France-Canada co-production goes behind the scenes of the huge tobacco industry, whose economic power has been expanding for five decades at the expense of public health. A gripping investigation covering three continents, Nadia Collot's film exposes the vast conspiracy of a criminally negligent industry that conquers new markets through corruption and manipulation. To confront the tobacco cartel, anti-smoking groups are organizing and scoring points, but the fight remains fierce. With ist diverse viewpoints, shocking interviews and riveting images, The Tobacco Conspiracy deftly defines the issues in a complex situation where private interests and the public good collide. Enlightening and engrossing, this documentary is a hard-hitting critique of an industry gone mad.

Download - audio: english - DVD ISO:

SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty)

TIme for action 4 - Trailer

Huntingdon Life Sciences - Pure Evil

Action not words 1 - (2001) (Time for action 1)

Action not words 2 - 2001-2004 (Time for action 2)

Time for action 3 - 2005

HIT 'EM HEAD ON - 2006



Video about the SHAC 7 (USA)



Standard Operating Procedure


Is it possible for a photograph to change the world? Photographs taken by soldiers in Abu Ghraib prison changed the war in Iraq and changed Americas image of itself. Yet, a central mystery remains. Did the notorious Abu Ghraib photographs constitute evidence of systematic abuse by the American military, or were they documenting the aberrant behavior of a few bad apples? We set out to examine the context of these photographs. Why were they taken? What was happening outside the frame? We talked directly to the soldiers who took the photographs and who were in the photographs. Who are these people? What were they thinking? Over two years of investigation, we amassed a million and a half words of interview transcript, thousands of pages of unredacted reports, and hundreds of photographs. The story of Abu Ghraib is still shrouded in moral ambiguity, but it is clear what happened there. The Abu Ghraib photographs serve as both an expose and a coverup. An expose, because the photographs offer us a glimpse of the horror of Abu Ghraib; and a coverup because they convinced journalists and readers they had seen everything, that there was no need to look further. In recent news reports, we have learned about the destruction of the Abu Zubaydah interrogation tapes. A coverup. It has been front page news. But the coverup at Abu Ghraib involved thousands of prisoners and hundreds of soldiers. We are still learning about the extent of it. Many journalists have asked about the smoking gun of Abu Ghraib. It is the wrong question. As Philip Gourevitch has commented, Abu Ghraib is the smoking gun. The underlying question that we still have not resolved, four years after the scandal: how could American values become so compromised that Abu Ghraiband the subsequent coverupcould happen?


Resistir para Existir: La Lucha de los Cucapá

This short documentary tells the story the Cucapá, an Indigenous people of Mexicali, who have been denied fishing permits, even though they ... all » have been fishing in their valley for over 9,000 years; indeed, even before this area was considered Mexico. Fishing is part of their ancestral traditions and is their only form of support. On the other hand, commercial fisherman have no problems obtaining fishing permits. During the upcoming fishing season, which runs from February to May, the Sixth Delegation of the EZLN, along with adherents of “The Other Campaign” will set up camp in the Mexicali dessert community of the Mayor Cucapa, and will join the local community in exercizing their rights to fish in a peaceful, civil disobedient campaign for social change and justice. For those of you who would like to support the cause, a monetary donation would be greatly appreciated.

When the Mountains Tremble (1983)

A documentary on the war between the Guatemalan military and the Mayan population, with firsthand accounts by Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.

Ohhhhh Bama!

And you thought Bush was bad

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Obama​ Decep​tion - the People Strike Back

Full Movie

Obama Deception Extra: Two Party Dictatorship:

Obama Deception Extra: The Denver DNC:

Obama Deception Extra: Interviews with, George Humphrey, Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley:

Trailer # 1

Trailer # 2

8:Minute Sneak Peak

Alex Jones The Obama Deception will be the first hard-hitting film to expose Obama, his agenda & handlers cutting through all the media hype, side-issues and Left/Right rhetoric. Alex has made several films exposing the Bush agenda and will approach the Obama Administrations plans from the same non-partisan point of view looking past the frontman in the White House to the real owners on Wall Street, in the Bilderberg group and at the Federal Reserve. Please help spread the word about this powerful new film. Make sure everyone you know whether they claim to be a Democrat, Republican, independent or none of the above sees this film before it is too late. THE OBAMA DECEPTION -- COMING TO THE INFOWAR March 15.

Google that Shit

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We Are Change Sydney - 9/11 Action

White House Press Secretary won't discuss alleged US strikes in Pakistan

Did I hear this right? CNBC Exposes the illuminati Manipulating the Economy

Mandatory Flu Shots In New Jersey

WeAreChange MLK Day 911 Truth San Antonio

Ron Paul On Glenn Beck (FOX News) 01/21/09

The International- New Movie about World's largest Bank running a Global Conspiracy

We Are Change Montana Doing Amazing Work

Social change - Matt Beard and Austin Norman confronting Mel Goodman, a 40 year CIA Analyst at the University of Montana during his "talk" about what the next President of the US needs to know about the CIA

Matt Beard questions Tucker Carlson at Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic about the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations. The Bilderberg Group is an international organization of elitist corporate and business men and women who are part of the New World Order. International Bankers such as David Rockefeller and even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke attended in the year 2008 and previous years. Read The True Story of the Bilderberg Group for more information on them!

Also check out their new movie trailer. Dreams of Liberty teaser
Dreams of Liberty teaser
Dreams of Liberty teaser

Whistleblower: NSA spied on everyone, targeted journalists

Obama's Inaugural Speech like any of Bush's speeches

Obama Dictatorship-Warning from a Congressman

Andrew Orlowski on Alex Jones Tv "The Police State system"

KRS-ONE on The Alex Jones Show "Stop The Hate!"

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama’s Unconstitutional Agenda: Plan For A New World Order

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alex Jones Tv: Alex's Analysis of Barack Obama's Inaugural Speech

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Alex Jones Audio Blog: January 21, 2009 on Bailout-Banker Criminals

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Alex Jones Audio Blog: January 20, 2009:Analyzing Now-Inaugurated President Obama

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