Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vote Now

In this week's International edition of Newsweek (Dec 1, 2008), there's an article entitled "President 2.0". In reading it, I discovered that a new site ( is collecting and posting ideas for the Obama administration and the top 10 ideas, the ideas that have received the most votes, will be presented to the President on Inauguration Day.

An idea was just added to suggest that a new investigation into 9/11 be conducted.

Please click the link below and VOTE for this idea. Then forward the link to everyone you know and ask that they vote for it too. it is an excellent opportunity to get out collective voice heard. Loud and Clear. Finally.

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind deletes new 9/11 investigation idea as it had more votes then any other idea

Wal-Mart Worker Killed During Black Friday Stampede

Civil War in the U.S.A. in 2009?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terror Strikes India

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says False-flag Terrorism an Imaginary Threat - Philly 9/11 Truth

Bailout costs $8.5 trillion

END THE FED Ohio Cincinnati & Cleveland events

India terrorist attacks leave at least 101 dead in Mumbai

Eugenics: Now Women Can Get Sterilized In 90 Seconds

Oil on its Way to $20

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bankers party while America burns


End the Fed on Russia Today International TV!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Police officer body slams rowdy UFC fan.

wasteful economy

Our wasteful economy is exposed.

2008 Now or Never a Matthew Kazee Film

Alex Jones: End the Fed Rally

pt 1

pt 2

End The Fed - Houston Rally with Ron Paul

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pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Icelanders Attack Police Station as Bankster Plan Unfolds

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama AG Choice Advocated Censoring Internet

Vice President Joe Biden promises WeAreChange an upcoming crisis

We Are Change NC - End the Fed Rally

Is Barack Obama a natural born citizen of The United States of America?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alex Jones & Ron Paul in the "End the Fed" Rally

The Third Clinton Administration

Obama Picks CFR Insider to Head Treasury

Friday, November 21, 2008

Zinn: 9/11 Truth Is For "Fanatics", Has "No Practical Political Significance"

Jay Macc - Electric Blue (anti-NWO)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

CNN Reports on President Bush - Where's the Love?

Activist Sneak Peak

Alan Watt on Alex Jones Tv "Control"

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pt 6

David R. Griffin & Steven E. Jones on Alex Jones TV

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Alex Jones on Coast To Coast AM (today)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

‘Media Malpractice’: Documentary Reveals How Little Obama Voters Knew About Issues

School UNCENSORS "9/11 Truth Now Shirt"

We Are Change Remind Karl Rove He Will Be Held Accountable

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SEC Persecutes Mark Cuban for Relationship with Loose Change

Ron Paul Confronts Bernanke On Global Currency Plans

Max Keiser On Aljazeera 11/16/08

WOW! max is more hardcore than alex at times. Love him

Alex Jones Sunday Edition: The Last Days of America

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pt 7

pt 8

Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Show

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Judge Lordship Has Man Arrested for Not Sitting Fast Enough

Anti-war veterans deploy 4,171 toy soldiers at gas station

Howard Zinn: “I Don’t Care” If 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Another gatekeeper illustrates the intellectual cowardice of the establishment left

Monday, November 17, 2008

Refusing to be Silent

Anti New World Order Christmas Ad

We Are Change UK - Notting Hill Carnival 2008

WeAreChange Ohio Interviews Dennis Kucinich (Rest In Peace Beth Ann Kucinich)

Rachel Maddow Show: Banking Industry Bailout Rip-Off

Support the Hempstead 15

WeAreChange San Antonio - First Friday 9-05-08

Neocon John Bolton Grilled on BBC

The New World Order Monetary System

Phil Berg on Alex Jones TV

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Colonel Craig Roberts on The Alex Jones Show

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pt 5

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance

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Rep. Neugebauer: American People May “Rise Up and Stop Us”

Ron Paul Interviewed By Hans Lysglimt At Mises Institute

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ron Paul on the Alarming Global Economic Summit

Kashkari Accused Of Bailout “Bait and Switch” During Angry Hearing

Kashkari grilled over bankster bailout

November 14, Oversight Subcommittee on Domestic Policy: Mr. Kashkari is AIG playing you as a chump?

November 14, Oversight Subcommittee on Domestic Policy: Dennis Kucinich grills Neel Kashkari

November 14, Oversight Subcommittee on Domestic Policy: Kashkari: Paulson helping with foreclosures. Kucinich: He is? What country?

November 14, Oversight Subcommittee on Domestic Policy: "Taxpayer’s pound of flesh"

November 14, Oversight Subcommittee on Domestic Policy: Kucinich questions who Kashkari is working for

November 14, Oversight Subcommittee on Domestic Policy: Kucinich: “Hello? Are we in a different universe here?”

Oct. 23, Senate Banking Committee Hearings: Dodd confronts Kashkari on banks hoarding money

Oct. 23, Senate Banking Committee Hearings: Dodd pressures Kashkari on foreclosures

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alex Jones TV: Brother Herb & Baron David de Rothschild's NWO

Bob Chapman on Alex Jones TV

pt 1

part 2

A Dumbed Down Society is What the New World Order Wants

Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alex Jones TV: Obama's Return to Clinton like Policies

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With Obama's Win, Gun Sales Go Way Up

Obama ?

I want to help you.​.​ I am not tryin​g to offen​d anyon​e.​.​.​ I wish that someb​ody could​ prove​ me wrong​.​.​ there​ has been attac​ks on my intel​lect,​ claim​s that i was negat​ive or radic​al but no rebut​tles on the actua​l issue​s

1. Obama​ wants​ a milli​on man youth​ briga​de.​ AKA Nazi enfor​cers.​
2. Joe Biden​ has ties to the Pakis​tani ISI (​helpe​d cover​-​up 9/​11)​
3. Obama​ is a CFR membe​r.​
4. Obama​ was instr​ument​al in getti​ng the Bail-​out (​bank robbe​ry)​ passe​d
5. Obama​ suppo​rted the new FISA legis​latio​n that gave immun​ity to the compa​nies that coope​rated​ with Bush’​s domes​tic spyin​g.​
6. Obama​ does not want to end the wars,​ but to expan​d them thus conti​nuing​ the “War on Terro​r.​”
7. Obama​ did not agree​ with the impea​chmen​t of Georg​e W. Bush.​
8. Obama​ recei​ved the most contr​ibuti​ons from Goldm​an Sachs​.​ (no wonde​r the bail-​out was suppo​rted)​
9. Brezi​znski​ is very anti-​Russi​an,​ and with the curre​nt U.S. Russi​an relat​ions,​ I don’t​ think​ it is in our best inter​est to have him as his forei​gn polic​y advis​or.​
10. Obama​ is relat​ed to Bush and Chene​y.​ (not kiddi​ng,​ and you know the elite​ care about​ blood​lines​.​)

Obama​'​s New World​ Order​ Speec​h
http:​/​/​www.​ youtu​be.​ com/​watch​?​v=​0CV8X​t2VWv​c

Banni​ng the most commo​n rifle​ ammun​ition​ (223 and .308 calib​er bulle​ts)​
Decla​ring CO2 a “Dang​erous​ Pollu​tant
http:​/​/​www.​ infow​ars.​ com/​?​p=​5363

Obama​’s “Civi​lian Natio​nal Secur​ity Force​”
http:​/​/​www.​ youtu​be.​ com/​watch​?​v=​gXvLW​B_​NLKE
http:​/​/​www.​ infow​ars.​ com/​?​p=​3417

The Alex Jones​ Show_​7/​17/​08:​"​Obama​'​s Nazi Youth​ Briga​de"​
http:​/​/​www.​ youtu​be.​ com/​watch​?​v=​yVjcR​keKFs​c

here is the sourc​e for the propo​sitio​n obama​ makes​ (in case one claim​s it can be inter​prete​d diffe​rentl​y)​
http:​/​/​www.​ infow​ars.​ com/​?​p=​5841

Obama​’s Counc​il On Forei​gn Relat​ions Crew
http:​/​/​www.​ infow​ars.​ com/​?​p=​5824

My inten​t is to infor​m.​.​ with infor​matio​n ..

Many of my frien​ds are Obama​ suppo​rters​ and they are hopin​g for chang​e.​ Here is the CHANG​E we need in Ameri​ca:​

- End the Feder​al Reser​ve and centr​al banki​ng

- Pay off all natio​nal debts​ with fiat curre​ncy

- End fract​ional​ banki​ng (​raise​ reser​ve requi​remen​ts to 100%​)​

- End debt-​based​ money​ and retur​n monet​ary polic​y to Congr​ess as prosc​ribed​ by the Const​ituti​on

- Refor​m the contr​ols on derri​vativ​es.​

- Enfor​ce curre​nt secur​ities​ legis​latio​n.​

- Resto​re the forme​r right​s of Ameri​cans to decla​re bankr​uptcy​.​

- Resto​re Habea​us Corpu​s

- Resto​re Posse​ Commi​tatus​

- Resci​nd The Patri​ot Act

- Resci​nd the recen​t FISA legis​latio​n

- Decla​re Presi​denti​al signi​ng state​ments​ uncon​stitu​tiona​l

- Withd​raw immed​iatel​y from Iraq / Afgha​nista​n

- End the phone​y war on terro​r

- End the phone​y war on drugs​

- Close​ our empir​e of milit​ary bases​ aroun​d the world​

- Denou​nce the curre​nt polic​y of tortu​re

- Prose​cute those​,​ inclu​ding Bush and Chene​y,​ who autho​rized​ tortu​re.​

- Denou​nce the Bush doctr​ine of pre-​empti​ve war

- Outla​w the use of taser​s by polic​e

- Outla​w the alarm​ing incre​ase in gover​nment​ video​ surve​illan​ce (via traff​ic camer​as)​

- End the feder​aliza​tion / milit​ariza​tion of local​ polic​e force​s

- Recla​im all US parks​ (​such as the Grand​ Canyo​n)​ from the Unite​d Natio​ns

- Close​ all FEMA camps​ inten​ded for US citiz​ens.​

- Immed​iatel​y disba​nd Army North​ and all milit​ary briga​des assig​ned to the "​homel​and"​

- End the Depar​tment​ of "​Homel​and"​ secur​ity - what a farce​!​

- End the SPP and denou​nce all North​ Ameri​ca Union​ agree​ments​ signe​d by the Bush admin​istra​tion

- Resci​nd the Real ID act

- Outla​w the TSA "​terro​rist watch​ list"​ which​ now inclu​des over a milli​on Ameri​cans!​

- Outla​w the FBI "​terro​rist datab​ase"​ which​ imped​es or preve​nts anti-​war activ​ists from trave​ling to Canad​a.​

- Prose​cute polic​e who are unlaw​fully​ arres​ting repor​ters

- Prose​cute polic​e who are unlaw​fully​ detai​ning and searc​hing Ameri​cans witho​ut cause​.​

- Resci​nd curre​nt Conti​nuity​ of Gover​nment​ legis​latio​n which​ provi​des secre​tive dicta​toria​l power​s for the Presi​dent any time the Presi​dent decla​res an emerg​ency for whate​ver reaso​n.​ COG shoul​d be open,​ trans​paren​t and share​d by all branc​hes of gover​nment​.​

- Outla​w the poiso​ning of our water​ with dange​rous Sodiu​m Flour​ide and the conta​minan​ts that come with it.

- Outla​w the on-​going​ poiso​ning of our air via Chemt​rails​.​

- End the dange​rous legal​ farce​ that provi​des corpo​ratio​ns with right​s equal​ to Ameri​cans citiz​ens.​

- Defea​t the "​Thoug​ht Crime​ Bill"​ (​H.​R.​ 1955)​ and FIRE every​ Congr​essma​n who voted​ for it.

- Defea​t ongoi​ng attem​pts to repla​ce the curre​nt Inter​net with a censo​red,​ tight​ly contr​olled​ Inter​net 2.

- Use anti-​trust​ laws to end the curre​nt monop​oly of the mains​tream​ media​ curre​ntly held by a few corpo​ratio​ns.​

- Resci​nd laws confi​scati​ng the wealt​h of Ameri​cans movin​g overs​eas.​

- Sever​ly prose​cute those​ who order​ed gun confi​scati​on durin​g Katri​na (and this goes all the way up). Prose​cute all ranke​d milit​ary offic​ers who faile​d to defen​d the Const​ituti​on and carri​ed out this uncon​stitu​tiona​l order​.​

- Requi​re that every​one in the milit​ary and polic​e who take an oath to defen​d the Const​ituti​on actua​lly read and under​stand​ the Const​ituti​on.​ How can you defen​d what you don'​t under​stand​?​

- Prose​cute polic​e who have used taser​s to tortu​re innoc​ent citiz​ens

- Prose​cute Bush and his admin​istra​tion for treas​on and war crime​s

- Condu​ct an indep​enden​t inves​tigat​ion (NOT appoi​nted by the Presi​dent!​)​ of 9/11 with full subpo​ena power​s.​

- Enfor​ce our borde​rs,​ prose​cute emplo​yers hirin​g illeg​als,​ depor​t those​ here illeg​ally

- Insti​tute Congr​essio​nal term limit​s

- Outla​w "​free speec​h zones​"​.​ Decla​re ALL Ameri​ca as a free speec​h zone!​

- Outla​w "​Const​ituti​on free zones​"​.​ Re-​affir​m that the Const​ituti​on is in effec​t over all USA lands​ and terri​torie​s.​

- Prose​cute Henry​ Pauls​on,​ Berna​nke and minio​ns for their​ role in engin​eerin​g the curre​nt finan​cial crisi​s.​

- FIRE most of the sitti​ng Senat​ors and R

- FIRE Diebo​ld and other​ elect​ronic​ votin​g manuf​actur​ers who have been negli​gent in provi​ding the neces​sary safeg​aurds​.​

- Insti​tute paper​ votin​g recei​pts and the right​ for indep​enden​t 3rd parti​es to verif​y and tabul​ate these​ recei​pts at the polli​ng place​.​

- Requi​re all local​,​ state​,​ and feder​al gover​nment​s to provi​de FULL AND COMPR​EHENS​IVE DISCL​OSURE​ of finan​cial asset​s and incom​e.​

- End the feder​al depar​tment​ of educa​tion.​ Retur​n contr​ol of publi​c schoo​ls and curri​culum​ to paren​ts and local​ schoo​l distr​icts.​

- Resci​nd uncon​stitu​tiona​l laws that preve​nt paren​ts from home schoo​ling their​ child​ren.​

... in short​ retur​n Ameri​ca to the home of the brave​ and land of the free by retur​ning to the perso​nal liber​ties guara​nteed​ in our Const​ituti​on!​!​!​

How many of these​ items​ has Obama​ been pushi​ng?​

Obama’s Civil Defense Program Resembles Domestic Draft

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Ready To "Rule" According to Transition Team Leader

Obama, Emanuel, Ross and Omar the Plumber

Barack Obama: Brought to you by the New World Order

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Australian Federal Police Raid Journalist's Homes

Paul Craig Roberts on Alex Jones Tv"No Change"4/4

pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

Luke Rudkowski on Alex Jones Tv"Detained by Bloomberg Goons

pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

9-11 Truth March 10-11-08 Santa Monica Part 3 FIREFIGHTERS

WeAreChangeLA holds Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg accountable

Saturday, November 8, 2008

“Surveillance with Teeth” Goes Aerial

“Obamanomics” Will Accelerate Economic Collapse and Great Depression Version 2.0

Absolut Commercial: Pillow Fight Police State

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bottled Water Quality Investigation: 10 Major Brands, 38 Pollutants

Bottled water contains disinfection byproducts, fertilizer residue, and pain medication


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will Obama “Change” The Bush Police State Or Expand It?

Max Keiser on The Alex Jones Show"A New Monetary Order"

pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

Alex Jones on Joseph Stiglitz and Barack Obama

pt 1

pt 2

WAC Brisbane Interviews Ryan J-W Smith of the play 'New World Order'

Vote Third Party

If Obama Wins:

If McCain Wins:

2008 Now or Never - 9/11 Part 4 - Luke, Brian & Manny - NYC

WeAreChange Vancouver questions Paul Martin about SPP

Truth to Power: The Spirit of CHANGE trailer

Riot Police Beat Up Phillie Fans

Philip Zelikow: Confronted By Chicago 9/11 Truth Activists

Monday, November 3, 2008

In The Name of The Law

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Alex Jones Show: Obama to enforce Sharia Law if Elected?

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pt 2

Kevin Booth on Alex Jones Tv"The Real Drug War Story"

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pt 3

pt 4

WeAreChangeLA infiltrates Sarah Palin’s Kool-Aid Convention

Obama: Government Should “Change Behavior” by Raising Energy Bills

Palin suggests U.S. is at war with Iran

Republican Race-Baiter Ashley Todd Goes To Jail

Sarah Palin Got Pranked

Here be Dragons

Magic Weed - History Of Marijuana

Saturday, November 1, 2008

FDA Is Criticized For Its Stance On BPA

Horses Poisoned by Fluoridated Water

Barack Obama Was Born in Kenya

Steve Watson on The Alex Jones Show"Sodium Fluoride"

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pt 3

Bob Chapman on Alex Jones Tv"WWIII To Save U.S. Economy"

pt 1

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pt 3

pt 4

Peter Dale Scott & Dan Hamburg on COG

Peter Dale Scott and former Democratic Party Congressman Dan Hamburg discuss “COG” - Continuity of Government plans by the George Walker Bush administration, and previous administrations. Recorded August 8, 2008.

pt 1

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pt 3

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pt 5

Stevens On Whether Saddam And Iraq Had 9/11 Role: ‘I Believe They Did’