Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alex Jones' Initial Review of Oliver Stone's "W."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the clip from Alex. I live in Austin, not too far from Lord Jones, and have enjoyed his show for years. But I've got to say that he has just gone so far over the edge with his misanthropy, that it has become really off-putting.

The code is: If you don't agree with his thesis, you are just a fool in the dark. He's the only one in the theater that sees the truth behind the veil, and everyone else is just a liberal sheep or a neo-con (no grey area here).

It comes off as just a bitter, pissed off, happy-to-be-alone ethos. Reminds me of high school and how we outsiders felt about kids that were really into something (sports, clubs, band, drinking, cars, etc). I had that same angst... like I was mad that they were content or happy. Don't they know they're being lied to?!

Well Alex, not everyone is going to be deep cover info warriors. Some people are just getting by. And so what if they "like" the movie, or found it moving? People in our town (Austin), or any town, are often far more three-dimensional than Alex gives them credit for.

I'm a liberal skeptic, despise the Bushites and their complicity in 9/11, and decry the surveillance state that we've allowed the puppet masters to build around us. But I did enjoy W. as a movie, biopic, and political saw. I did not, however, come away loathing my fellow movie goers. Alex drives away allies with his canned rage, and then claims to be immune to the propaganda. It's a little much sometimes. Let's fight the machine together, and not alone.

James said...

Alex Jones - you are crazy